Welcome to a Secular Look at Recovery

Tired of the same old recovery ideas mandating a “Higher Power”.  Tired of the “God” based steps….early 20th Century speech and thinking. Rigid Misogynistic – Paternal concepts that drive potential recovery right out the front door??  Are you a “Free Thinker”- “Atheist”- “Agnostic”- “Buddhist” -“Taoist”  ?…….does your lifestyle fit in with conventional recovery meetings or thought ??….Mountain Recovery  looks at these topics.

Bill Wilson co-founder of AA said this:
“One of the central messages of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement is the declaration that there are many pathways and styles of long-term recovery from severe alcohol and other drug problems… The recovery advocates who have forged this grassroots movement represent a broad spectrum of religious, spiritual, and secular pathways of recovery…”